Cleaning & Maintenance

API USA Cleaning and Maintenance SOP

Cleaning and Maintenance guide: equipment, products, deck cleaning procedures, damage prevention.

API Cleaner

A concentrated neutral cleaner designed for daily maintenance on all floors sealed or coated with API products. Formulated to clean safely and efficiently, while maintaining the properties of the finished floor. API Cleaner is an economical, highly-concentrated, non-corrosive, biodegradable cleaner.

API Cleaner Plus

API Cleaner Plus is a concentrated floor finish stripper/reliquifier designed for periodic floor maintenance. This heavy-duty cleaner effectively removes aged wax sealers, oils, organics, and even detergent-resistant finishes. API Cleaner Plus requires no agitation or scrubbing to remove floor finishes. When used on surfaces finished with API Wax or another wax-based sealer, a new application of API Wax is required.

API Spot Cleaner

Spotting and staining are the most challenging aspects of maintaining resinous deck coverings. API Spot Cleaner is effective for removing grease, food, and organic stains and other localized stains.


A durable, mono-component, wax-based sealer used for sealing API floors. Incorporating API Wax into the flooring system protects and improves the finish of the floor. When used in conjunction with API Cleaner Plus as part of a periodic maintenance plan, API Wax also extends the life of the floor.